Liposuction for Weight Loss Is Usually Not the Answer

If you are obese or significantly overweight liposuction for weight loss may seem like an answer to your prayers. Having tried almost every diet from Atkins to SouthBeach without results you may be very frustrated. You may have gone even further with exercise and tried weight loss pills with the scary product recalls. Many overweight or obese people think that liposuction for weight loss is the perfect solution to their problem. Losing weight with liposuction seems so simple. You walk in one day and when you walk out you have much less fat to tip the scales.

Before this happy ending takes place we need to consider who is the ideal candidate to use liposuction to lose weight. There are several qualifications that make someone a good candidate for liposuction for weight loss.

These include:

  1. candidate should be over the age of eighteen
  2. should also be in good general health
  3. should be of normal weight with a few trouble spots

Typical health conditions that would not make a candidate ideal would include diabetes, heart conditions, or any type of infection. Many people think that a good candidate for liposuction is someone who needs to lose a significant number of pounds like ten or more, but the opposite is actually true. Trying to lose weight with liposuction is not a good idea for these people.

If you are overweight or obese and were considering liposuction as a way to lose weight you may be a little confused by what we have discussed. Why wouldn’t this work on you? Well, there is one main reason why liposuction is generally performed on people of a normal weight with a few trouble spots. These people generally have firm skin. Overweight people typically have loose skin. Because this cosmetic procedure is most successful on people who have firm skin, doctors generally recommend that people who are overweight or obese not use liposuction as a way to lighten the scale. They are not likely to see the same results as people of normal weight. Their surgery can lead to medical problems because will more than likely result is baggy skin that is loose.

Liposuction is a shaping procedure, not a quick solution to lose significant amounts of weight. However, anyone considering liposuction for weight loss should consult their primary care physician before having any kind of surgery performed. The doctor will be able to tell you all the risks associated with this plastic surgery and give you a better projection of the results you might see.

Though liposuction for weight loss is not recommended I can see why people would think that this would work. Look at it this way, your doctor may advise you to lose a certain amount of pounds using other methods like diet and exercise. Afterwards liposuction can be the procedure that helps you with those last few pounds and then you would be an ideal candidate after all.

Liposuction on Love Handles – A Manly Solution?

Most men don’t want to admit they have love handles. They get to a certain age and they may think it’s just a part of life. Liposuction on love handles may not be manly enough for them. Unfortunately the gym and exercise may only go so far when it comes to trying to get of that pesky abdominal fat.

Liposuction on love handles works on the one area that many people have a hard time targeting. For men in particular, this area is located right below the waist. When fat accumulates there; the fat deposits are affectionately referred to as “love handles” by your spouse but the younger guys at the gym might call it more of a “spare tire”. Love handles are almost impossible to lose through diet and exercise. Exercises will often times strengthen the muscles underneath the love handles, but the fat will remain on top. You may have tried multiple sit ups and maybe even the ab lounge but still no progress.

Liposuction on love handles may seem scary but if you’ve tried everything else cosmetic surgery may be your best choice. This type of plastic surgery easily removes that pesky abdominal fat. Abdominal liposuction is permanent as long as you don’t gain a significant amount of weight after the surgery. It will give you the long lasting results that you haven’t been able to get.

Liposuction on love handles is usually an outpatient procedure and you could be back at work after only three days. Local anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia is used, which means avoiding the risks associated with general anesthesia. If you want to read more about the pros and cons of liposuction please read my previous post. There are some risks to having the liposuction on love handles procedure performed, but generally if the surgery is being performed by a qualified, experienced professional, minimal risk will occur. A specific risk associated with abdominal liposuction is surface irregularity in the skin. This irregularity usually resolves on its own and the risk is minor.

There is a recommended amount of recovery time, although requirements may vary by doctor and depend on the amount of surfaces that you had treated. Usually, the surgeon asks that you spend one week out of work, and two to three more weeks wearing the liposuction garment (otherwise known as a compression garment) provided to you after the liposuction on love handles surgery. After this three week timeframe has passed, you may resume strenuous activity.

Liposuction on love handles may be the only solution to getting rid of your love handles. It’s also the easiest. If you are really frustrated don’t sit around and let those little deposits of fat sitting around on your waist get you down. Especially if there’s something you can do about it. Talk to your family practitioner and get their thoughts. They will refer you to a surgeon who you can ask about abdominal liposuction. The procedure is easy, the risks are minimal, and the recuperation time is fast. Liposuction on love handles will give your loved ones less to love but that’s what you want anyway!

Liposuction Recovery Time – Your Roadmap

As seen in my previous posts cosmetic surgery is best for the well-informed. Your liposuction recovery time depends greatly on you. What do you need to know to get up off your feet and back to work in the quickest time possible? Here is our guide to making the most of your recuperation time.

So you took the chance – you had the liposuction procedure performed. There were no complications the doctor made a point of telling you everything went smoothly. Liposuction recovery time can be quite amazing because you recover at a fairly quick rate. You will be able to get up and walk around easily right after the surgery – it is rare that a patient would have to leave the hospital in a wheel chair.

Here are some things to plan for:

  • Plan to have someone else drive you home
  • Once you are home although you are not confined to your bed you are definitely advised to relax.
  • You are allowed to shower, but you should not take a bath for at least a week.

The night after liposuction, most patients usually sleep well. The next morning, however, is when most patients start to experience slight discomfort. This normally goes away as the patients walk around and move about the house. Do not make the mistake of not moving around. I went through 2 c-sections and the first time I was afraid to move and my recovery time was definitely longer than the second time when I knew better and listened to the nurses.

Typical Stages of Liposuction Recuperation

During the first seventy-two hours after the liposuction surgery, you will most likely observe some drainage from the incisions that the doctors do not stitch. The doctors do not stitch these incisions because swelling tends to go down more quickly if the doctors do not stitch the incisions. However, you should allow the incisions to drain as quickly as possible in order to speed up the healing process. The dressings on your incisions should be changed frequently during your liposuction recovery time, especially during the first twenty-four hours. By the third day, only band-aids will need to be used. Bruising and swelling also tend to occur after liposuction; the bruises and swelling will fade or go down within the next two to three weeks of your liposuction recovery time.

By the third day of recovering from liposuction, many people are out and about running errands. At this time, the spot where the surgery was performed on may feel a little tender if touched or if you accidentally bump into it. Most doctors recommend that you wear a compression garment for the first several days after your surgery.

To more quickly recover from liposuction, there are a few things you can do.

  • drink adequate amounts of water to prevent dehydration
  • avoid alcoholic beverages for forty-eight hours before and after surgery
  • make sure to wear your compression garments to prevent slow healing and excessive drainage

Liposuction recovery time can be fast if you follow the guidelines set forth by your doctor. Don’t let the excitement get to you and forget what you did this for in the first place. Your new body depends on it!

Identifying The Pros And Cons Of Liposuction

Good! You’re a logical decision maker. You want to know the pros and cons of liposuction surgery and you don’t want us to hold anything back. Surgery is a decision never to be made lightly. With few exceptions, cosmetic surgery is not normally a necessary procedure. For something like liposuction (lipoplasty), there are advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered way before you schedule that surgery. I apologize in advance for the long post but I thought this topic deserved the real estate!

Analyzing the Decision

It is completely understandable and expected to have some concerns about the risks and benefits of having liposuction. You should not be the only one concerned about this.

Your doctor should also be asking plenty of questions during the initial consultation. These questions should include:

  • Why are you considering cosmetic surgery?
  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • What is your normal diet?

He should also want to know if your weight has fluctuated much over the recent years. If your weight has fluctuated you might not be the ideal candidate for this plastic surgery. Lipoplasty is not a quick fix weight loss solution. You will still need to follow a exercise regularly and maintain a healthy, sensible diet . Knowing you have done the most you could do with nonsurgical efforts will help you justify the risks involved while having a clear picture of what you want for your body.

The clear advantage of this surgery is that relative to exercise and diet the results are quicker and more dramatic. You can be back to work in 1 to 2 weeks. For some areas like the abdomen it may be the only way to get those perfect abs since for most of us stomach fat is the most difficult to get rid of.

So what are the disadvantages? Most people are usually sold on something because they want the benefits. Unfortunately some do not look into the risks involved, which in some cases could be severe. The majority of the risks with lipoplasty revolve around the risk of surgery itself. These risks could be as present for a woman having a c-section as they would be for another having abdominal lipoplasty.

Your surgeon will most likely discuss the pros and cons of liposuction with you more than once. The doctor may also have you see a psychiatrist to make sure you are in the right frame of mind to make these decisions. During this time make sure to get a listing of the possible complications associated with this surgery. The major areas of concern are:

  • Excessive Liposuction
  • Minor Surgical Complications
  • Major Surgical Complications
  • Anesthesia Risks
  • Increased Bleeding due to Drug Interactions

There is a maximum amount of liposuction that is advised for safety reasons. What does this mean? Make sure to discuss the following with your doctor:

  • amount of fat that is going to be removed
  • the different areas that are to be done
  • whether more than one surgical procedure is going to take place that day

The more that is done in each of these areas the more the risk. Make sure to ask the doctor what is the recommended amount in all of these areas and are you in the best shape to be able to go through the process.

Ask the doctor for a full listing of the common and minor surgical complications to make sure you will at least be prepared for them if they do happen. The major surgical complications are more rare and include blood clots and injury to organs like the abdomen. Again make sure and ask a doctor for a list of these.

Anesthesia risks is a possible major complication of liposuction. When looking at the pros and cons of liposuction this is definitely an area to do your homework. Choosing the right type of anesthesia can be a life of death decision. Though minimal there have been deaths associated with the use of systemic anesthesia. Please be sure to ask your doctor about your options and check the credentials of the anesthesiologist who will be involved in your surgery.

The last risk again is one associated with surgery in general. Everyday drugs can cause increased bleeding after surgery. These drugs include but are not limited to:

  • aspirin
  • ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil)
  • warfarin (Coumadin)

Your doctor should provide you with a list and guidelines on how soon you can use them after surgery.

So now that you know a fair amount about the pros and cons of liposuction you are ready to go to your doctor with a good list of questions. There are also a variety of resources online from plastic surgery associations. If you don’t feel you’re getting the real story from your doctors make sure you don’t get pressured. Better to be safe than sorry.

Ab Lounge Ultra – Abdominal Liposuction Alternative?

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I’ve been using the ab lounge for at least 3 years now. As you know from my previous posts I’m an advocate of exploring other alternatives before you go the surgical route like liposuction.

Liposuction of the abdomen is one of the most popular procedures within liposuction. Getting those tight abs can be a challenge. The ab lounge makes it easier for those of us who weren’t gifted with great backs. Traditional sit ups put a lot of pressure on the back and can cause injuries. The ab lounge helps to get you off the floor and into the proper posture to make the most of your sit ups.

As I mentioned above I use the ab lounge and it did make a difference not only on my abs but my back as well. I highly recommend it for those of us who are afraid of sit ups.

Liposuction – The Most Popular Aesthetic Surgery Today

Aesthetic liposuction surgery is the most popular of the cosmetic procedures we looked at in our previous article. It is the number one most popular surgical procedure not only for women but also for men. A total of 455,489 procedures were performed in 2005, according to the ASAPS report.

A couple of definitions would definitely help our discussion:

  • Aesthetic: of, relating to, or dealing with aesthetics or the beautiful
  • Liposuction (Lipoplasty): surgical removal of local fat deposits (as in the thighs) especially for cosmetic purposes

Source: Merriam-Webster Online DictionarySince the statistics taken from The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS) are for the United States it is not surprising that this would be the most popular procedure.

“An estimated two of every three American adults, and more than one in six children and adolescents are considered overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” This is according to an article posted on “Obesity: A Looming National Threat?”It would only be logical that Americans would be flocking to liposuction surgery not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons.

If you’re overweight and you’ve tried everything to lose weight, but just can’t seem to do it, you may have considered signing up for liposuction. Liposuction sounds great. A doctor suctions all the fat out of you, leaving you lean and trim. .However, you should do your research and know all the ins and outs of the procedure before you go under the knife, so to speak. Any surgery is not to be taken lightly and it should be a last resort.

Causes of WeightGain

First of all, anyone considering this cosmetic procedure needs to seriously look at themselves and ask why they are overweight. Can it be a glandular problem or do you have psychological reasons why you might be eating too much. What about your food choices I know that sometimes I gain weight because I eat too much of the wrong things (Chocolate is the killer for me). If you’re overweight merely because of a poor diet and no exercise, consider joining a gym or signing up for a diet program that you have researched. You’d be amazed at how just a few lifestyle changes can make you look and feel better. If you’re not sure where to start, consider hiring a person trainer, they are great for that extra bit of motivation. Consider these things before liposuction.

OK, I’m Ready to Try Jump In

If you truly have tried every diet out there and you’ve bought every piece of gym equipment you see advertised on TV and you still can’t drop those unwanted pounds, then it’s time to talk to your doctor. Find a good doctor who performs liposuction and schedule a consultation. Your doctor will explain what liposuction will do for you, the risks and what to expect before, during and after the surgery. The doctor’s job is to make sure that you are completely comfortable with the procedure before you go under anesthesia. That way, you won’t have any unrealistic expectations.

Liposuction will not turn a severely overweight person into a greek god overnight. Liposuction gets rid of the fat but does not get rid of the other multitude of issues that may have brought you to the choice to undergo this aesthetic procedure. Do your homework and make sure you give yourself a fighting chance at other options. Also make sure you are a good candidate for this type of cosmetic procedure.